Monday, 26 May 2008

Does The London Pass Offer Value For Money?

One of my readers has questioned the apparent financial loss I made on my recent day out using the London Pass. Diamond Geezer (whose blog I thoroughly recommend and is linked on the right hand side of this page), has jumped the gun though as I haven’t finished writing about it yet! I often get waylaid by other London stories which I feel compelled to opine about and, as my Ding Dong Project is all about rediscovering London after living abroad for several years, this blog is not restricted to my sightseeing experiences.

On my last day sightseeing in London I visited four attractions. I took my time at each location and enjoyed a sedate walk from one place to the next. Had I started earlier in the day or whizzed around each sight and used the tube or bus I daresay I could have added another couple of sights to my itinerary – but where is the fun in that?! I paid £36 for a one day London Pass but had I paid at each attraction, the entry fees alone would have cost £38.90. Add discounts on snacks and drinks and I guess I saved about £5 on that particular day.

Of course, if I was on holiday or lived in London then I would certainly get more for my money. Living outside London and aiming to do my rediscovery on a budget, I am restricted to later trains into the city and so, at best, my sightseeing day cannot start before 10.30am. Holidaymakers, tourists and Londoners would do well to buy a multi-day London Pass as the more days you get, the cheaper it becomes. A 2 day pass is significantly reduced and works out at £23 per day for an adult. A full 6 day pass is just over £13 per day which is incredible value (these figures are based on their current offer of tickets at 2007 prices).

For me, the London Pass not only saves a few pounds but also saves the hassle of queuing for tickets at each place. I like the fact I can queue jump which leaves even more time for enjoying what I’m really there to see. I like the fact that many tourist attractions offer discounts in their restaurants and cafes when you show them your London Pass. I like the fact that, if I want to, I can get discounts on theatre tickets and also free cinema tickets. I like the fact that there is so much more to the London Pass than just sightseeing.

Really, how much value one gets from the London Pass is up to the individual. If you plan your time carefully and take advantage of their website itinerary wizard then I’m certain you can save an awful lot of money without rushing around unnecessarily!

So, to answer my own question: yes, the London Pass does offer value for money and I shall continue to make the most of it!


dgeezer said...


Globe £10.50
HMS Belfast £10.30
St Paul's £10
Tower Bridge £6
Total = £36.80

Cost of 1-Day London Pass last month (with special offer) = £36
Saving (on admission) = 80p

Cost of 1-Day London Pass this month (no special offer) = £38
Loss would have been £1.20

You managed to save about £5, but only by buying food and drink (which you *could* have brought with you).

Buying a 1-Day London Pass isn't looking terribly cost effective. And I suspect it's designed that way.

Hmmm, how very strange...

Sparkly Songbird said...

As my Grandmother used to say: "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" :)

Best Sparkly Wishes x

dgeezer said...

I shall look after my pennies then, but probably in a very different way to you.