Wednesday, 28 May 2008

London Loos 2

This week’s featured loo is at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition Centre. In stark contrast to the Elizabethan surroundings of the theatre, the toilet facilities were positively modern and verging on luxurious.

These particular toilets would probably best be described as “restrooms” as the first room contains a lovely inviting sofa to take a rest on! A massive mirror adorns the wall and it’s impossible to walk passed without taking a sneak peak at how you look!

The toilets themselves were in pristine condition and the room even smelt pleasant! The soap dispensers were full and the sinks were clean and shiny. The whole facility was spotless but not clinically sterile which is a curiously satisfying combination for a public toilet.

I thoroughly recommend using these loos when you visit the Globe Theatre (even if you don’t need to, they’re worth a visit!).

At this early stage in my research I have to leave room for potentially perfect loos so I will not be giving this one full marks. It fell down slightly for encouraging vanity with that huge mirror (yes, I know that’s a lame reason!)

So, the toilets at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition Centre receive a nearly perfect 9/10 putting it in the lead for London Ding Dong’s Loo of 2008*.

* Due to the fact that Sparkly Songbird is of the female persuasion, this is only a female and/or unisex toilet contest!

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