Sunday, 25 May 2008

Beat London Queues

I’m a sucker for a good music competition but last nights Eurovision Song Contest was a complete farce! I admit I’d hoped the contest may come to London next year with such a strong entry from the UK’s Andy Abrahams but I guess that was a pipedream! As I predicted, the song was obviously too sophisticated for the taste of Eurovision voters! The huge bias in Eastern European voting was, I guess, predictable but shows that it is now fairly pointless for Western European countries to enter in future. I am also still wondering how I missed Israel leaving the Asian continent and becoming part of Europe! We Brits used to have a good laugh at the Eurovision Song Contest but the humour has now disappeared in a cloud of politics.

Most British kids are on half-term holiday this week but do not let this put you off sightseeing in London. Yes, there may be larger crowds than usual waiting to get into the major attractions but if you have the London Pass in your hand you needn’t worry. With your little plastic card you will be treated like a VIP, receiving fast track entry into famous sights such as the Tower of London. You’ll be marvelling at the Crown Jewels before others have even made the front of the queue!

There is also priority seating offered to London Pass holders at selected restaurants which is a real ding dong bonus when you’ve had a busy day sightseeing. Make sure you don’t spend precious time standing in line when you could be having fun in London: check out their website for more details on restaurant offers and other special deals

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