Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Ding Dong Discovery ~ The London Pass

I know it’s only a few hours since my last post but I’ve been doing a massive search for discount theatre tickets and places to take my Mum for afternoon tea on Mother’s Day.

All the usual ticket agents appeared in the search results but none had the right show at the right place on the right day! It’s all my own fault for leaving it til the last minute!

Anyway, as per usual I got side tracked and started looking up other things about London when I found

This site offers theatre tickets, sightseeing, museums, galleries, tours and goodness knows what else! I can’t really believe my luck – a quick look at the prices and it’s obvious that the London Pass is a bargain for days out and sightseeing. Basically you buy one of these London Pass smart card things and you can get into loads of attractions and famous places without paying again. So you only pay once for the whole day. Brilliant! This must be a godsend for tourists and holiday makers in London. The places I plan to take Mum are included in the Pass and there’s a few ideas for afternoon tea as well as special theatre offers.

There’s so much on the site that I only really looked to see if I could save money on Sunday with a 1 day pass (they do 1,2,3 and 6 days) and I can!

So I will be doing London on a budget for Mother’s Day but now we can do more sightseeing and tourist things too because I know how much it’ll all cost!

It’s late now and I’m all excited at my little discovery! I haven’t had time to find out much more about the London Pass but tomorrow I’ll go back to , look at the site properly, plan the whole day and buy these little magic cards. I’ll tell you all the details when it’s sorted. Project Ding Dong is suddenly becoming an affordable reality!


Lin said...

I'd be really interested to hear how your project for rediscovery goes. I think it's so easy to overlook places on your doorstep. London Pass sounds good, I'll take a look at the site...

Sparkly Songbird said...

It's great to know someone out there is reading my blog! Thanks!
If you have any recommendations please let me know...there's so many ideas on so if you or anyone else can recommend some of their attractions I'd appreciate it! Please keep reading and spread the word about London Ding Dong!
Sparkly Songbird x