Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Problem With Surprises

Today I’ve been looking at and planned our Mother’s Day sightseeing trip. They have thought of everything on this site from interactive maps, good descriptions of each attraction, and even pre-planned itinerary suggestions. What really amazes me is that as well as the popular tourist hot-spots like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Kensington Palace, they also offer entry to lots of smaller and less famous attractions. So, in the morning you could be visiting Royal Palaces and art galleries and in the afternoon you could head to the Bramah Museum of Tea and Coffee, the Cartoon museum or even the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret. As I haven’t heard of any of these places I’m assuming they’re not particularly well known but the descriptions and pictures make them seem well worth a visit. This is what my rediscovery of London is all about – finding these little gems and getting to know the secrets of the city.

Now for the bad news. Having spent several hours investigating some of the offers available on I thought I should phone my Mum to make sure she kept Sunday free. I had barely said “hello” when she said “I can’t talk for long, we’re about to leave for Dorset.” It transpires that my parents are going to stay with my sister for the weekend! Obviously I’m hugely disappointed but I must learn not to leave these things to the last minute and remember that surprises are not always a good thing! I didn’t tell Mum what I had planned so I can reschedule for another date. Next time I’ll check well in advance!

My research won’t be wasted as Project Ding Dong is still going ahead. In fact, I have just bought myself a London Pass which I’ll use next week for a day of solo sightseeing. So all is not lost. I’ve found a cheap way to visit London and with the help of the website and the free guide book (another bargain) I can get this show on the road.

As for Mother’s Day: my top tip is to communicate with your siblings and, if you’re an only child, phone your mum now to check her plans for Sunday. If the coast is clear then get yourself to and make your mum feel special for a day! My mum will have to make do with a sentimental card this year!

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