Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Mother's Day

It’s Mother's Day on Sunday so I thought I’d take my Mum up to London as a surprise. If, like me, you were planning to take your Mum to the Savoy Hotel for afternoon tea then think again – it’s closed for renovation. But I’ve done my research (what did we do before the internet came along?) and discovered some great places to go. I hope this saves you trawling through a million and one websites for ideas.

My Mum has two passions in life – Art and Gardens. Unfortunately the Chelsea Physic Garden re-opens later than usual this year on March 19th so we’re going to Kew Gardens, the largest Botanical Garden in the world. Despite my deep-rooted aversion to gardens, greenhouses, plants and foliage (this is not the time or place to divulge my strange psychological problems so maybe I’ll start a separate blog about botanical bête-noirs!) I am prepared to take a deep breath and face the flora! I know Mum hasn’t been there for years and will enjoy getting inspiration for her own garden. We’ll get to Kew in time for the 11am guided tour and have a snack lunch in one of their cafés afterwards.

Then, for old time’s sake, it’s on to the Tate Britain art gallery. There is an interactive display showing how Turner revolutionised watercolour painting and printmaking. Mum will enjoy this as she’ll be able to try out some of Turner’s techniques for herself. Being such an altruistic daughter (and rather than make a fool of myself) I shall encourage Mum whilst watching from a safe distance! There are several exhibitions at the Tate so if Mum wants to see something else we can do that then take the tube into the West End for afternoon tea at one of the smart hotels.

You can’t go to London without going shopping (even if it’s of the window variety!) so a walk down Bond Street may be a good idea after our calorific cream tea and then, depending on the cost, we will either go home on the train or go to a West End show.

I know I’ve left this incredibly late, I know I’m supposed to be doing London on a budget and I know theatre tickets will probably cost a fortune but we are meant to spoil our mums on Mother’s Day!

I may have got a little carried away but having decided where to go, I just have to book somewhere lovely for afternoon tea and find a special offer on the internet for theatre tickets! If I can’t bag myself a bargain then I promise to embrace the natural world and start talking to the sickly looking plant on my window ledge!

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