Sunday, 17 August 2008

Olympic Fever

I have not been a massive Olympics fan in the past but, with the prospect of the Games coming to London in 2012, the Beijing Games have proved to be rather alluring this week. I actually stayed up late last night to watch the marathon and see how Team GB’s competitors fared. There was plenty of drama to keep me awake - not least from our very own world record holder, Paula Radcliff and medal hopeful Liz Yelling who took a nasty fall, broke a rib and still completed the course! Sadly no medals for Team GB at the marathon but, when I woke this morning it was a different story on the medal board.

Now, I am aware that there is another week left of these Games and that things will probably change dramatically in that time but let me gloat today…

* * * * * * Team GB is 3rd on the medal board * * * * * *

How totally incredible is that?! China is currently the leader followed by the USA but here we are this tiny island, with an Olympic team half the size of these super-size countries and holding our own like never before. I am so excited by our athletes and can only hope that this is a sign of things to come at the London Olympics 2012.

One of the most amazing things to happen today was the first ever Olympic medal for a British male gymnast. 19 year old Louis Smith won bronze with a fabulousroutine on the pommel horse. There have been a load of British medal winners this weekend including another special performance from Rebecca Adlington giving her a second Gold – another first for British female swimmers!

So I am now gaining some real enthusiasm for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Some of these British athletes have yet to reach their prime and their home-country Olympics, by rights, should be a real platform for their more mature talents. Some events in 2012 will take place not far from where I live and I am now quite eager to catch some live action when I have the opportunity. I daresay my enthusiasm will wane a little between now and then but I am absolutely relishing the prospect today!

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