Friday, 13 June 2008

Free Films In London

Happy Friday 13th! Instead of watching out for black cats, ladders and cracks in the pavement, why not watch a film for free today?

Tonight’s free film at the Scoop amphitheatre in front of City Hall (on the Southbank near Tower Bridge) is the classic true-life “Dam Busters” starring Michael Redgrave. In close proximity to the World War Two warship, HMS Belfast, the location is unique and rather poignant for this particular film. You cannot book seats in advance so arrive early for the screening at 9.30pm. Seats must be taken by 9.15pm but barbeque food and a bar will be open from earlier in the evening.

Next Wednesday (18th June), the Scoop promises quite a spectacle. If you are in the area it may well be worth passing by, if only to see audience members who are encouraged to dress up for the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. If you fancy going to see this cult film and haven’t seen a public viewing before then expect the unexpected: diehard fans will undoubtedly dress up in an assortment of costumes with an emphasis on corsets, stockings and high heels (that’s just the men!). Audience participation is a tradition at Rocky Horror and don’t be surprised if you get sprayed with water guns, have rice and confetti thrown at you and even toast during one scene!
It’s not the sort of film for a romantic night out but it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun, especially if you go with a crowd (suits, sandals and socks are not recommended attire unless you want to stand out as a Rocky Horror Virgin!).

If you are in possession of the London Pass over the weekend then take advantage of a free film at one of two cinemas famed for their art-house and independent viewings. You can see a film for free before 5pm Friday-Sunday (anytime Monday-Thursday) at the Curzon cinemas in Mayfair and Soho.
Films showing this weekend include:

Mongol: The Rise To Power of Genghis Khan (15)
Priceless (12A)
Persepolis (12A)
In Search Of A Midnight Kiss (15)
Let’s Get Lost (15)

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