Monday, 30 June 2008

Tourist Walk In London 1

Last week was pretty good weather-wise in London so I took the opportunity to carry out my own walking and sightseeing itinerary which included some of the most popular London tourist attractions.

For the time being, I won’t go into detail about the individual places I visited but will share with you my route and the things I saw. I had planned my path in advance and thoroughly enjoyed my typical tourist trail even though some of the attractions were not really my cup of tea!

I started off at Hyde Park Corner, one of the busiest traffic intersections in central London. I am still haunted by the memory of breaking down in my dad’s car here many years ago – I had borrowed the car with the promise that I wouldn’t drive it into London! I took some photos of the wonderfully ornate gates marking the entrance to Hyde Park and then walked around to Apsley House, home of the Duke of Wellington in the 19th Century. Then across the road to Wellington Arch - one of London’s most well known landmarks with its magnificent sculpture entitled “Peace descending on the Chariot of War” (below).

When planning my itinerary I had a choice of walking across Hyde Park to Kensington Palace or Green Park to Buckingham Palace. On this occasion, I chose the latter as, universally, it is probably more recognisable as the Queen’s London home. Diana’s home will be saved for another time.

Walking through Green Park I was amazed at the number of joggers and runners using the footpath but was disappointed not to see any horse riders using the special bridle paths. I think that most riders must exercise their horses in the early morning. Green Park lived up to its name that day and was looking positively glorious in its greenness! I strolled along at quite a sedate pace enjoying the intermittent sunshine on my way to Buckingham Palace.

Apsley House and Wellington Arch are open Wednesday to Sunday 11am-5pm.

Apsley House Adult Entry: £5.50

Wellington Arch Adult Entry: £3.30

London Pass holders get free entry to both attractions.

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