Monday, 2 June 2008

Ship Ahoy In London

Last week, I braved the hordes of school children on half-term holiday and set off for another day of Ding Dong discovery in London. I am becoming rather familiar with the major sights along the River Thames but familiarity does not always breed contempt; I am actually growing incredibly fond of this area. It was a slightly overcast day when I arrived but the sun soon broke through the clouds and summer was most definitely in the air.

I left the bus outside the Tower of London with the express intention of taking photos of the latest temporary London sight; the Azamara Journey luxury cruise liner. I had read a couple of newspaper reports on Thursday stating that the World’s largest cruise ship would be moored by Tower Bridge for two nights and thought it could make quite an interesting blog post. Cruise liners are not a particularly common sight along the River Thames so armed with my camera I was quite excited at the prospect of seeing this new (launched last year) and huge ship.

Well, here are my pictures. Are you disappointed? Yes, I was too! I have been lucky enough to go on a few cruise ships in my life time and, to me, this looked no better than a cross-Channel ferry! It certainly didn’t look brand spanking new and, although one can’t always tell size from a distance, I couldn’t imagine it was the largest cruise liner in the world.

So last night, when I uploaded my pictures I did a little cross referencing with photos of the Azamara Journey ship and I am now 99% certain that I did not photograph the World’s largest cruise liner! I don’t know what it is or why it is there- for all I know it could be a giant fishing boat! I can only assume that the Azamara Journey continued its journey onto France early on Friday morning! Hey ho!

Unfortunately this wasn’t the only disappointment I incurred on Friday but there are some good things to report too! As usual, all will be revealed eventually!

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