Wednesday, 18 June 2008

London Loos 3

The featured loo this week is at Southwark Cathedral. It is not the easiest toilet to find. You have to locate the Refectory Restaurant, make your way passed people eating and drinking and, just when you think you have reached the right place, you have to make your way down a flight of spiral stone stairs! This is not something one would relish if you were in a hurry to get to the loo!

Thankfully, I was not in any great rush and even took time to take a photo of the entrance (pictured left) which promised great things from the luxurious wooden door and modern brass engraved plaque. Inside was slightly disappointing. It was not as modern as I had anticipated and, whilst perfectly clean, it had a slightly grubby and worn appearance.

The soap provided was unmemorable in terms of aroma but it served its purpose! Hand drying facilities were in the form of an electric warm air blower which looked fairly new and was also powerful enough to dry my top quickly after a little water accident.

All in all, Southwark Cathedral provides adequate toilet facilities which are clean and well serviced.

However, the location in the depths of the building mean that accessibility would be an issue for some visitors, particularly those with mobility problems and young children.

With this in mind, I am awarding the toilet at Southwark Cathedral 7/10 which puts it in 2nd place for London Ding Dong's Loo of 2008.

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