Wednesday, 23 April 2008

London Pass Day

Yesterday I spent another great day in our Capital City doing some sightseeing with the London Pass. When I left home it wasn’t particularly warm but by the time I arrived in London the sun was shining and it was a glorious April day without the rain showers.

So, where did I go this time? Well, I visited somewhere new, somewhere old, somewhere blue (well, grey really but that doesn't work!) and somewhere new that looks old! I crossed water by foot; I went underground by tube and overground by bus. I mixed the Arts with Religion and a little architecture in between and discovered that people in London can be genuinely helpful, friendly and considerate.

I even had a sight of inner-city wildlife in the form of a squirrel (left) that had become very tame in his pursuit of food. The other tourists weren’t so sure about it though and treated it with some disdain!

I walked along the South Bank of the River Thames past pavement eateries and people enjoying the warm spring weather. Ice cream vans were surrounded by school kids and, at lunchtime, the city workers took their jackets off, rolled up their sleeves and hovered outside the riverside pubs in the splendid sunshine.

On my way home on the train I played my new found game – The Bluetooth Game! Basically you activate the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone and search for new devices. Your phone then displays a list of other Bluetooth devices in your vicinity. Sometimes people don’t set a nickname so their mobile will just be the name of their model (e.g. NOKIA_6300), but most of the results are personalised. Then you look around and try to work out which name belongs to which person! I can’t share some of the names I found as they were far too rude but I rather liked “Big Bold Greek Bird” (I think that was a woman sitting about three rows behind me with fantastically big hair!), “Golden Guru” (the bespectacled gentleman with blonde hair to my right?), “Suzy Smooth” (I couldn’t work that one out) and “Guess Who?” (I wonder if he/she was playing the same game as me?). My favourite was “Naughty Nigel”. Those two words just don’t fit together somehow (are Nigel’s ever naughty?!). I couldn’t see anyone that looked like a Nigel, let alone a naughty one! It’s all very silly but a great way to kill time on a train journey.

Anyway, back to my London tourist trip… actually I think I’ll leave you in suspense. All (or some) will be revealed soon!

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