Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tower of London ~ The Last Post?

Just one last post about the Tower of London. If you do visit this historic attraction using the London Pass, it is worth checking out the Wagamama noodle restaurant close to the ticket office. If you show your London Pass you will get two main meals for the price of one which is an offer you’d find hard to beat anywhere in London. Unfortunately, being a lone tourist that day, this special offer was no good for me but I took a photo of the restaurant anyway to tempt those of you who have sightseeing company! I’ve had a look at their website and it shows the fabulous views of the Tower and the Bridge from the restaurant as well as menu listings and dietary requirement suggestions. Just looking has made my mouth water! Even though I haven’t tried it out for myself I really think that Wagamama deserve a Ding Dong for the London Pass deal- it’s an excellent offer for eating out in London.

And now for a warning… If you read my post about the Tower of London Ravens then you’ll know that if they all leave the confines of the Tower it will crumble and the Kingdom will fall. If you are considering visiting the big birds and their famous home this coming Easter weekend I would highly recommend doing so or else you may miss your chance. I don’t want to panic anyone or be accused of scaremongering but the Tower of London may be about to fall down and the Kingdom may be lost forever. Don’t just take my word for it… I have photographic evidence!runaway raven

As I made my way down the jetty towards the City Cruises boat for the River Thames trip, I saw this horrifying sight – a runaway Raven on the shore of the River Thames! Could this be the first escapee? Will there be more? Is this really the beginning of the end?!runaway raven 2

If you do visit the Tower of London this weekend, please count the Ravens and if you don’t see as many as I did (six) then please start those (metaphorical) alarm bells ringing or at least let me know the bad news! Let’s hope Sparkly Songbird isn’t really a prophet of doom and that this blog won’t need to be renamed “London Clangers”!

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