Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Prologue ~ The London Pass

I used the London Pass for the first time today! Woohoo!

I’ve had a brilliant day and am on a bit of a high tonight. That little smart-card is one clever piece of technology (I guess that’s why it’s called “smart”!). Without any question, the London Pass saved me time and money today and for those two factors alone I’m giving it a Double Ding Dong!

Last night I was looking through the London Pass guidebook and suddenly realised just how much there is to see and do in the capital. Consequently, I changed my mind about going to the smaller and less well-known attractions first. With the London Pass map in front of me it made more sense to start on one side of the city and work my way across, visiting a mixture of famous sights and hidden gems.

I think this will make my rediscovery of London simpler and you’ll be able to track my progress and get ideas for your own trips to London.

I took loads of photographs (I’m warning you now that I’m not the World’s best photographer!) and I wrote lots of little notes to myself throughout the day so I won’t forget anything (at one point I was so busy making notes that I missed a crucial “thing”… more about that tomorrow!)

Without giving too many clues tonight, I will just tell you that Sparkly Songbird was in her element at one of London’s top tourist attractions. For more clues read my profile (top right corner of this page) and visit http://londonpass.com/index.asp?aid=163 to see if you can guess where the first sparkly stop off was!

Sorry to keep you in suspense but all will be revealed tomorrow… It’ll be worth the wait!

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